Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson: “Our performance will be high energy and exciting!”

Kyiv will be her fourth time in the Eurovision Song Contest, but his first one. They are Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson. “Instant chemistry“is what they felt when met each other, so they joined in this project to work together after Mr. Eurovision, Ralph Siegel, introduced them. They promise us energy and a big party on the International Exhibition Center stage!

Eurobloc.- Valentina; how did this new and shared Eurovision 2017 project start? Was it your idea?

Valentina Monetta.- Honestly, it was not my plan. Mr. Siegel had called me a few days before my birthday with a proposal for me to return in a duo with a dance song, and I thought, “Come on Vale; let’s make your Eurovision fans happy” who have been asking me every year to return, and so for their love that they are giving me every day, I’ve decided to be back strongly and with more energy thanks to Jimmie Wilson as a fabulous partner and amazing singer.

Eb.- Jimmie; when did you discover the Eurovision Song Contest? Still living in America or when moving to Germany? Which was your opinion when you knew about it?

Jimmie Wilson.- I’ve been living in Germany for several years. So, I’ve been following the ESC considering it’s such a big event here. Prior to coming to Germany, I had not heard about it. But, I understand that’s it’s becoming more and more popular in the States. I even did some interviews for some American bloggers. I also found out that I’m 1 of 15 Americans that has participated in the ESC over the years.

SMVMJWEb.- Jimmie, and how did you get involved in this Eurovision 2017 project with San Marino? Had you previously met Valentina?

JW.- It was kind of by accident. Or as Ralph Siegel would say, ‘Nothing happens by accident’. I think He is right. I actually met Ralph first at an event and he later introduced me to Valentina. We had an instant chemistry when we first met and we were both sure it would be a good thing working together. Ralph and Valentina are already legends in ESC. I’m the ‘new kid on the block’ haha 🙂

Eb.- What can you tell us about your performance in Kyiv? As a discotheque-flavour song, fans expect it quite spectacular!…

Valentina Monetta.- We are going to dance and enjoy fully the vibe of the song spontaneously, trying to make the performance much as possible with all energy that me and Jimmie we can create together.

Jimmie Wilson.- We can tell you everything about the performance but, it will be high energy and exciting! It will be one big party!

sm2Eb.- Valentina; and now, a full disco song! You are a really versatile singer; in which style do you feel more confident on the stage? 

VM.- Everyone knows that I like jazz and soul, but lately I’m back singing funky and R’N’B, like my early beginnings as a professional singer.

Eb.- Jimmie; how is your experience working on just one single song and its performance? We guess it much more relaxed than preparing a full musical show…

JW.- Well, I have done more in my career than musicals. I travel all over Europe performing on different events. Also, I’ve just finished writing and recording my solo album. The first single is called ‘So Damn Beautiful’. But, even though it’s only one song, the same energy goes into preparing as if it was a whole concert.  There is a high expectation for everyone who will be on the stage in Kyiv. Even for just one song.

sm3Eb.- How are your working days after being chosen for represent San Marino in Kyiv?

Valentina Monetta.- They are pleasantly intense and challenging, I must say that at this particular time in my life there are many decisions that should be taken in account and it is not easy to be divided between family life and work, I feel very grateful and lucky.

Jimmie Wilson.- There is a lot of preparation. Rehearsals and staging.  Also some pre-concert events in Israel, Amsterdam and Madrid. Which we are really excited about. It gives us the chance to test the song in front of a live audience. I think this will help make us less nervous in Kyiv.

Eb.- Valentina; if you take part in the Contest one more year, you will get the record! If you were proposed it again…. what would you answer?

VM.- hahahah… ;-D Maybe!

(Pictures: Claude Langlois)

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