Michela: “Odds are there; I do refuse to take not of them. I will only focus on giving my 100%”

And finally it’s here! Day D arrived! Michela, the Maltese representative in Tel Aviv, sang for the first time on the Eurovision stage today. Right after her performance, odds started to change, so she has finally got the seventh position. Michela will perform with four dancers in a virtual landscape; palms, some cactus and, of course, a funny chameleon climbing a small hill. We wanted to know something else about her Eurovision experience.

Eurobloc.- When you got in X Factor, was also taking part in the Eurovision your goal?
Michela.- X Factor Malta was obviously the culmination of music in Malta and a show of force of our artists. X Factor Malta definitely had a structure which helped an artist grow throughout the weeks, this only helped a person, in this case me, feel prepared for the intensity which the music industry brings with it. 

Eurobloc.- When you heard ‘Chameleon‘ for the first time, what did you feel about it? Does it fit your music style? How would you describe your song?
Michela.- My song is a quirky up beat song which transmits a feel good vibe to those who are listening to it. From the very first moment I heard it I was hooked by the feel good factor it had. I could imagine people in their cars singing it! I imagined myself before going up on stage feeling I can’t wait to get on that stage with a song like ‘Chameleon‘!

Eurobloc.- What can you tell us about your performance in Tel Aviv?  Michela.- Expect one amazing show which the team has been working around the clock on for the past months! We’re very happy to have Ambra Succi & Front Pictures part of our team. Both have won Eurovision with Loreen & Jamala respectively. 

Eurobloc.- Your are in the Top 10 of the ESC odds, is it good or bad? Does it make some pressure on you? Michela.- Whilst odds are there, I do refuse to take note of them. I will only focus on giving my 100% and make sure to transmit my song in a very good way which will result in an experience to the people both in front of me at the arena and at home watching. The fact that people seem to have us in the top 10 means they are liking the act, I guess, and that’s a good thing. 

Eurobloc- Have you already talked to any other Maltese singer that represented your country in the ESC? Which have been their advices for you?Michela.- Ira Losco, the legendary Maltese singer is one of my mentors. I am honoured to have her on my team as her experience speaks for itself, apart from the fact that she is an amazing human being and a true friend. 

Eurobloc.- You also got a music contract with Sony Music Italy. Which are your plans after the ESC? Michela.- We will definitely release an album after the ESC!

(Picture: Thomas Hanses)

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