Lake Malawi: “In Eurovision, we don’t expect 200 million new fans overnight; it’s more important to find our true fans!”

Fresh, colourful, funny, happy, young… There many word to define Lake Malawi’s candidature in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Today, the Czech band has had its second rehearsal. They are ready for the big moment, next Tuesday! But before that, we wanted to ask some questions to Albert Černý, the lead voice of the group.

Eurobloc.- How did ‘Friend of a friend’ was born? You worked together with a Czech and a Polish artists… Where did you get inspiration from? 

Lake Malawi.-We wrote the song together with Mikolaj Trybulec and
Mikolaj Trybulec at the songwriting camp. At first, it wasn’t meant for Eurovision, we just did it for fun without a plan. Then, as I listened to the demo more and more, I felt we should do something with the song. I realized ‘Friend of a friend‘ was special and we decided to apply for Eurovision. My band mates Jeroným and Antonín liked the idea and the other two co-writers did, too… Our hard-core fans supported our decision too, we met in a pub to ask them. The song was mainly inspired by meeting friends through friends and the never-ending chain of them… At the same time, “she’s only a friend of a friend” is a typical excuse when your girlfriend is jealous – I imagined a situation when you suddenly meet or hear someone you used to know making strange sounds next door and it gives you these flashbacks… 

Eurobloc.- So… is she real, the girl who was your neighbour when you both ere 13? 

Lake Malawi.- I’m going to keep that to myself. We all have childhood love affairs and sometimes we completely forget about these people until we meet them again.

Eurobloc.- Have you had the chance to talk about the Eurovision with Mikolas Josef? Which advices has he told to all of you?

Lake Malawi.- Not really, all I know is he told us Eurovision fans are very loyal and passionate. He was right, we already felt that at the pre-parties.

Eurobloc.- How do you think taking part in the Eurovision can influence in Lake Malawi’s musical career?

Lake Malawi.- I wish it would open the right doors for us to start playing all over the world. Every artist’s music is different and every one needs to find their own special way, their own fans, too. I don’t expect 200 million new fans overnight. To me it’s more important to find those true Lake Malawi fans who listen to all our albums after hearing ‘Friend of a friend‘ and come see us LIVE a few times a year! 

Eurobloc- Are you still working on a new CD, after “Surrounded by light”? 

Lake Malawi.- We are working on some new singles, there isn’t enough time to do a proper album now. Expect something in September at the latest!

(Picture: Andres Putting)

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