The Roop: “‘On fire’ has all components for a good song: catchy melody, strong lyrics with message, and viral dance moves”

They are Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Robertas Baranauskas and Mantas Banišauskas. They are The Roop. The band was formed in 2014; one year later, released their first studio album, ‘To whom it may concern‘. Their fans had to wait until 2017 to listen to ‘Ghosts‘, their new production. Their first approach to the Eurovision world was in 2018: the band took part in
the National Final, where they tried to represent Lithuania at the ESC with their song ‘Yes, I do‘. They reached 3rd place. But in 2020, they finally won the contest with their song ‘On fire‘. Before the cancellation of the ESC they were one of the biggest favourites to win in Rotterdam; 6,3 million views on YouTube! Will we see them on the Eurovision’s stage next year? We will have to wait… This is what The Roop answered to Eurobloc’s questions.

Eurobloc: How is your quarantine going? Perhaps working on some new songs and projects?

Vaidotas: Currently I’m living in a little house far from cities, in the woods. It’s my little getaway. Every day here I do shinrin-yoku and work on new songs.

Robertas: You know, I already missing old times 🙂

Mantas: It’s a challenge, but life and work doesn’t stop, it just continues in different forms.

Eb: What do you thing about the cancellation of the ESC20? Some people consider it would have been much better to postpone it with the same artists and songs…

Vaidotas: We live in XXI century, so instead of brutally cancelling the event we could have had a better solution for Eurovision broadcast.

Robertas: I think it was a hard decision for EBU. And it’s a sad moment for us. But we will be ok.

Mantas: First thought was that the whole event with all the same entries should just happen in 2021. But the decisions were made and not everyone is happy about it. Regardless of that, we must only look forward.

Eb: You recently wrote on Instagram you have the moral right to be appointed to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision 21. Nevertheless, Lithuanian broadcaster has decided to choose its next Eurovision entry via Pabandom iš naujo! and invite to to take part in its Final…

Vaidotas: We still have a moral right, but LRT things differently.

Eb: But, will you take part in it?

Vaidotas: Will we participate in the National Selection? We do not know yet. We haven’t made the decision and I don’t think we will any time soon.

Robertas: It’s too early to make a shot.

Mantas: Yes, way to early to make a decision.

Eb: Until the moment the ESC was definitely cancelled, you were one of the big favorites to win. What do you think is the secret of ‘On fire‘ for such a success?

Vaidotas: The power of truth.

Robertas: ‘On fire’ has all components for a good song: catchy melody, strong lyrics with message, and viral dance moves.

Mantas: And the performance itself was very captivating.

@Paulius Zaborskis

Eb: The song spreads a quite positive message, the same did ‘Yes, I do‘. Does it refer to a personal experience? 

Vaidotas: Yes, of course.

Eb: Vaidotas; you spent a personal and creative retirement in Fuerteventura. How was that experience?

Vaidotas: Yes, I lived all alone in an empty house of Fuerteventura’s non-touristic town of Gran Tarajal. I stayed there for one month and it was a very pleasant time to be just with myself, to rethink, to meditate and create music. I wrote several songs and you all will have a chance to hear them in the near future.

Eb: You have already been twice in the Lithuanian National Final. Which has been its main enticement for you to take part in it? Just taking advantage of promotion within Lithuania or the Eurovision itself?

Vaidotas: Eurovision is a good platform to spread the message and the music. But first of all, you have to have a good song and a good message.

Robertas: We just broadcast our message as widely as possible.

Eb: Are you Eurovision supporters?

Vaidotas: From now – I don’t know. And what does it mean to be a Eurovision supporter? Is it just blindly accepting everything what it says and what it does? Is it not to question organizers’ decisions? Does it mean to be ok with all the songs, which are selected? Then no, I’m not that kind of guy. But if Eurovision supporter means to try give the best song for the contest and to spread the truth and unity – then my answer is yes.

Robertas: We are composers and performers. So, from this point of view we trying to support Eurovision.

Mantas: Not exactly sure what qualities should a supporter of Eurovision have. As writers and performers, we are participants of Eurovision. But if I would not participate in the contest, I would still watch it, as I did before, so you can say I support it.

(Pictures: @Jurga Urbonaitė & @Paulius Zaborskis )

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