Senhit: “I’d like to bring to Rotterdam’21 an up tempo song, always very catchy and easy to dance!”

She made us move with her song ‘Freaky!‘, a quite different style from her 2011 Eurovision entry ‘Stand up‘. And she announces more dance and move for Rotterdam’21, as she has been appointed again to represent San Marino at the Contest. If we had to describe her in few words we definitely would say Senhit is stylish & cheerful; with an smooth & versatile voice. She’s becoming a Eurovision icon and most of us can’t wait to hear her singing next year on the Ahoy Arena stage! This is what Senhit answered to our questions, just few days after her new single ‘Breathe‘ has been launched.

Eurobloc.- Senhit, how has your quarantine been? Did you scheduled some time to sing, rehearse and to take care of your voice…?

Senhit.- After a few days of discouragement and melancholy for the whole situation that caused lockdown, I rose again! And I created a mini routine at my home. I bought a cyclette in time to keep myself in shape. I took a lot of Master Class singing lesson. I had so much time for myself, I relaxed a lot by reading 🙂 And… I worked on my new single “Breathe”!

Eb.- What do you think about the cancellation of the Eurovision 2020? Do you think it could be scheduled for late Summer or maybe Autumn?

Senhit.- Eurovision 2020 was surprisingly deleted. I had hope for a postponement but unfortunately it wasn’t possible. At first I got angry, I felt sick. But I am essentially a positive person! So, when I understood the situation, I tried to bring out the very best of it.

Senhit (@Fabrizio Cestari)

Eb.- Tell us about the story of ‘Freaky!‘. It was selected by your fans instead of ‘Obsessed‘. Were they specially composed thinking about your Eurovision project?

Senhit.- There were two songs to choose from, both strong and powerful, I didn’t know where to start, which is where I had my epiphany: we created a digital battle so my friends and fans chose the song… they chose ‘Freaky!’.

I am glad that ‘Freaky!‘ won, because it represents me at 100%.

Eb.- About ‘Freaky!‘; its message easily connected with the Eurofandom mood. We also could imagine a funny and colourful performance in Rotterdam; can you tell us something about what you were working on?

Senhit.- ‘Freaky!‘ is a song about the beauty of being out of the box, the freedom of living thoughtless, without caring about prejudices, breaking the rules and making up some new ones. The worldwide famous artistic director Luca Tommassini is my creative director, we imagined an epic performance for Eurovision 2020, coloured, created for dancing. 

Eb.- Good news! You will work with the ‘Freaky!‘ team again! Have you all already started to work in your Eurovision 2021 song?

Senhit.- I’m very very very happy to be part again of San Marino’s Eurovision family. I’m grateful to all my freaky working team that supports me in these projects, we’re already working on a lot of ideas for next year!

(@Fabrizio Cestari)

Eb.- Which kind of song you want? You took part in the Contest in 2011 with a midtempo, ‘Stand by‘, and this year you let us the chance to choose between dancing or getting crazy by dancing on the dance floor! So… what can we expect for 2021?

Senhit.- I think I have an European electro pop musical attitude. I’d like to bring an up tempo song, always very catchy and easy to dance :)… we’re working on it, we will see…

Eb.- Before the cancellation of the Contest, just 5 or 6 countries seemed to be the big favourite to win in Rotterdam by wagerers. Do you pay attention to bets? Does it have some influence on the artist’s mood?

Senhit.- When I went to Rotterdam in early March I was excited and gritty, because Luca Tommassini and I knew how powerful this song is! ‘Freaky!‘ reported excellent results and exceeded all expectations, with more than 2 milions views on Youtube and a lot of engagement trough IG! Thanks to internet, it has given me the chance to link with my colleagues from Eurovision.

Eb.- By the way, can you tell us which were your Eurovision 2020 favourite songs & singers?

Senhit.- As always the songs were very strong, but my favourite beat and taste and style is ‘Think About Things‘ by Daði og Gagnamagnið from Iceland 🙂

(@Panini S.p.A)

Eb.- As an artist, which is the difference between Senit 2011 and Senhit 2020?

I’ve grown a lot since then, both human and artistic, and learned a lot. I’m sure I’m more aware of what I like and what I don’t like. I travelled all over Europe for a tournée in the most popular clubs: I sang in Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, Manchester, Berlin and London. I released the Ep ‘Hey Buddy‘ and the single ‘Something on your Mind‘ reached the top five of the UK Commercial Pop Club Chart. Last year I released two singles in Italian: ‘Dark Room‘ and ‘Un bel niente‘. ‘Dark Room‘ was also released in an English version, ‘Heart Ach‘ (both videos were realised by Luca Tommassini). I discovered the stage as my element and the place where I can be myself completely.

Eb.- Let’s talk about ‘Breathe‘, your new single. How would you define it?

Senhit.- ‘Breathe‘ is a song which celebrates life and the importance of being carried away by enthusiasm in a cathartic outburst. A “liberating cry” to launch an important message on returning “to breathe” even when, unfortunately, not everything around us is how we would like.

(Frontpage pic: Panini S.p.A)

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