Chanel: “Sí! Tinc nervis, però no pas pressió!”

I arriba el dia D. Chanel Terrero és una de les grans favorites a la victòria avui a Torí. Guanyi o no, una cosa és segura: batrà rècords. D’entrada, el de la màxima puntuació aconseguida per Espanya al Festival, 125 vots, i després, probablement, el de dotzes aconseguits. La gran Final ja és aquí. Chanel confessa sentir els nervis, però no pas la pressió de ser una de les [...]

Jamala: “Host someone from Ukraine, donate and take the streets and demand actions from your politicians! It’s, all together, a great help for us”

She won in Stockholm’16 with ‘1944‘. The song was a History lesson about Tatars’ of Crimea deportation ordered by the Soviet government. Her great-grandmother had to leave her land, family and ancestors behind her. And now, 78 years later, Jamala has been forced to follow the same path, as at least more than three million people because the war. Because Putin. Jamala sang [...]

ROXEN: “‘Amnesia’ manages to give a voice to my repressed feelings and to all the people whose voices haven’t been heard”

She was one of the big favourite to win in Rotterdam’20. Fans expected she had a chance to try it again this year. And, finally, Europe and Australia will enjoy her skills and her ‘Amnesia‘. No doubt she is a talented artist. One more star from Romania! On the Ahoy Arena’s stage, ROXEN will sing from her heart to tell us about the importance of taking care of ourselves. [...]

Damir Kedžo: “I felt goosebumps all over my body when I first heard ‘Divlji vjetre’. It was an instant connection”

He won the Dora 2020 and was elected to represent Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. This was not his first success, as Damir Kedžo is one of the most popular singers in his country; Best Debuting Artist (2006) and Best Interpretation Prizes (2007 & 2012) at Melodije Istre i Kvarnera, a song contest in Croatia running since 1964; Grand Prix in the International Festival of [...]

The Roop: “‘On fire’ has all components for a good song: catchy melody, strong lyrics with message, and viral dance moves”

They are Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Robertas Baranauskas and Mantas Banišauskas. They are The Roop. The band was formed in 2014; one year later, released their first studio album, ‘To whom it may concern‘. Their fans had to wait until 2017 to listen to ‘Ghosts‘, their new production. Their first approach to the Eurovision world was in 2018: the band took part in the [...]

Lake Malawi: “In Eurovision, we don’t expect 200 million new fans overnight; it’s more important to find our true fans!”

Fresh, colourful, funny, happy, young… There many word to define Lake Malawi’s candidature in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Today, the Czech band has had its second rehearsal. They are ready for the big moment, next Tuesday! But before that, we wanted to ask some questions to Albert Černý, the lead voice of the group. Eurobloc.- How did ‘Friend of a friend’ was born? [...]

Michela: “Odds are there; I do refuse to take not of them. I will only focus on giving my 100%”

And finally it’s here! Day D arrived! Michela, the Maltese representative in Tel Aviv, sang for the first time on the Eurovision stage today. Right after her performance, odds started to change, so she has finally got the seventh position. Michela will perform with four dancers in a virtual landscape; palms, some cactus and, of course, a funny chameleon climbing a small hill. We wanted to [...]

Elina Nechayeva: “I am glad to show people that classical music is powerful and amazing”

And finally… We will enjoy the Estonian projection dress in Lisbon! A last minute sponsorship deal made it possible, so the Estonian delegation has finally got 65000€ for the project to become true. Saku Suurhall, Carglass, Estravel and River Island gathered to help Elina Nechayeva’s performance in Lisbon shine; additional funds were provided by the Estonian broadcaster and the [...]

Christabelle: “It’s important that we all recognise when people are struggling and encourage them to not hide in the shadows”

Strong performance, powerful voice, spectacular staging… It’s Malta’s bet in Lisbon’2018. She is… Christabelle! She dreamt about performing in the Eurovision since she was a child. Finally, she got it after three attempts since 2014. With her song ‘Taboo‘, that she wrote with Johnny Sanchez, Thomas G:son and Muxu, she encourages us to help people who is [...]

Albert Mallofré; el Mestre

Periodista i crític musical, però per damunt de tot, un Mestre. El passat mes de setembre l’Eurobloc informava del traspàs d’Albert Mallofré a Barcelona als 92 anys d’edat. Avui en publiquem l’entrevista que va concedir a aquest web el passat estiu. Mallofré va viure en directe les victòries de Massiel i Salomé al Festival d’Eurovisió i va assistir a [...]

Anne-Marie David: “We are far away from the previous idea of the Eurovision Song Contest”

She wanted to be an actress but we mainly know her as a singer despite her previous success on the Musicals stages. She has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice; she won the 1973 Contest. She is a French but represented Luxemburg before trying it again for her mother country. Anne-Marie David is one of the most important Eurovision stars. Although she does not reject to take part [...]

Esteban Espinosa: “La d’Itàlia és una cançó que destaca; molt fresca i que enganxa a la primera!”

Itàlia no és només la gran favorita dels apostants. Sortirà guanyadora de Kiev, segons Esteban Espinosa, president d’Ogae Andorra. L’Eurobloc ha volgut conèixer la seva opinió sobre el Festival que en tan sols vuit dies tindrà successor de Jamala. Espinosa ja és a Kiev des del passat dijous. Eurobloc.- En general, com valora el nivell musical d’enguany, a Kiev? Esteban [...]

Manel Navarro: “Tal y como han ido las cosas hasta ahora, este año hay poco que hacer frente a Italia”

ALBERTO M. MOLINA Cuando queda poco más de una semana para la hora de la verdad, la Final del Festival de Eurovisión 2017, Manel Navarro sacó un pequeño hueco para nosotros en su frenética agenda de los últimos días antes de volar hacia Kiev. Manel ya va rumbo a Ucrania pero, entre sus últimas pruebas para elegir todos los modelos que llevará en los nueve días que va a estar en Kiev, [...]
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