Destiny: “I want women to listen to my song and feel they are powerful and strong enough!”

Should she win in Rotterdam, it would not be her first international success. Destiny Chukunyere gave Malta its second EuroJunior trophy in 2015. She can become the first singer to win both Contests. Malta is the top favourite of Rotterdam’21. After ‘All of my life‘, ‘Je me casse‘ will give the international audience the chance to discover all her skills. Destiny fits in any musical style; her voice, her charisma and her Art makes her a truly #1. Eurobloc has got the chance to talk about some aspects of her candidacy with her.

Eurobloc.- How is a normal day in your life while preparing your experience in the Eurovision Song Contest?
Destiny Chukunyere.- Well, right now my life is very hectic and I’m very busy. I’m really enjoying doing interviews with people like you, who supports me, and are always there to give me support. And obviously, it’s needless to say, apart from the interviews, on a normal day, I have rehearsals and other things to deal with like my hair, my makeup, the styling and everything! So I’m very busy at the moment.

Eb.- Last year you were going to the Contest with an up tempo, but this time you are taking part with an absolutely different music style. What made you and your team decide this change?
DC.- So basically, I wanted to showcase a different side of Destiny, and it seems that it’s working and I’m so happy that people love the song, my attitude in the video and they love my cheekiness. And now I just want to perform it to you, guys!

(@Carlton Agius)

Eb.- At last, female empowerment in the Eurovision Song Contest! Do you think music can help change minds, especially in such an event like the Eurovision Song Contest?
DC.- Yes! I agree 100 percent with you! I think that music is like a platform for everyone to share their message and to give a different direction to people. And people relate to music a lot, whether it’s fun. We have this platform on the Eurovision; it gives you this platform to make use. And sending this message out there about women empowerment. I think it’s something great, something amazing! And other participants are pushing women empowerment as well. And obviously, I feel like it helps not only us as artists, but I think it helps the world in general. So I think this is great! Music inspires people in different ways.

Eb.- Do you pay attention to odds, as you currently are the number one, the big favorite to win in Rotterdam? Does it add some extra pressure for you before the Eurovision?

DC.- Oh, no! Not at all! No, I do not scroll and see the odds or anything like this! I’m just there to have the best time up there, to enjoy it. I just want to focus on myself and on my performance. And that’s what matters, just to go out there and deliver something big and special. That’s what I’m aiming for.

(@Dunskie Borg)

Eb.- We guess you still cannot say nothing about your performance in Rotterdam, but can you tell us something about the concept of it?

DC.- Oh, I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen on stage and staging or anything, but my message is that I want people to enjoy the moment and enjoy my three minutes performing. I want to bring people together. And I want women out there to listen to the song and be like, “yes, yes, I am powerful enough, I’m strong enough, I can be who I am, and I’m confident”. I want people to feel happy and to enjoy every single second of the song. That’s what I want to bring: Joy.

Eb.- Have you had the opportunity to hear to the other songs taking part in the contest this year? Which are your favorite song and your favorite singer in this Eurovision 2021?
DC.- So I get asked this question very often; they feel uncomfortable replying to this question because I think that all the artists are super amazing and they are all unique and they all have a unique selling point. And because of that fact, I do not want to judge anyone. But I think that everyone has a special song; everyone is special and different. And that’s why we’re all unique and different and we should all support each other and enjoy time together. And that’s why I will not say anything about this.

Eb.- Have you talked to other former Maltese contestants in the Eurovision? Which is the best advice you have taken from them?

DC.- Yes; I have spoken to other participants on Eurovision, like Ira Losco, who was my mentor. I think she’s one of the best people you could talk to and could give you the best advice, in my opinion, because she’s been there and she knows it by heart. But obviously, I spoke with Christabel. Christabel and I we are very close friends and we support each other, in our music and our lives. And we did a lot for each other. And I love her opinion. And obviously I speak to Michela as well, because she is my friend, I went to Eurovision with her in 2019. So we experienced it together. And yes, we keep it. We kept in contact. We speak about our lives. And she’s so amazing and supportive!

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